The Other Guy – An Introspection


To love is to have
That’s what you made me believe
When out of excitement
I said I loved you
And lived up to my claim
With every passing day

I never thought
Things would get this serious
Never imagined
Being this deep into us
Without the constant reminder
That short-lived
We would be
And soon your embrace
Would belong to another

It pains to be me
The other guy, your second best
For the truth always nags That
I ain’t your first
I ain’t your number one
Yet with you I stick
Loving you my daily duty
A devotion I pledge to keep

It hurts honey
This pain so grave to bear alone
Even when I smile and say all is okay
There’s pretty much I give away
My soul gradually tearing
Quizzing the worth of my sacrifice

Does it really have to be this way?
To live doubting the sincerity of
This love?
To fringe and crumble bit by bit
Whenever you smile at yourself
Or walk out to pick that Cellphone

I hate technology
For turning me into this
Jealous and possessive version
Of myself!
A resentment filled self
Whenever you flirt or chat

It pains to be in my shoes
Baibe, I’d rather I let loose
Than burn in desire beyond reach
A lesson I am to life and the living
The loving and the aspiring
Choose your kind carefully
Lest you end a living proof
Of how it feels to be
That other guy

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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