Spoken Art-A Dedication


This world is a complex hub
A sphere of man’s doings and Undoing s
A globe of destruction and innovation
A haven for fulfilment of desires

We all choose how to see it
Your view complementing mine
Our perceptions culminating into one
Expectations balancing between satisfaction and oblivion
The world in our view

At birth the world is small
Round with me at the center
Everyone bent to please
This glorious bundle of joy
From the tedious journey through conception
That’s as simple as it can be

Growing comes with insight, open mindedness
And the need for further exploration
Beyond the lies and half truths
Beyond the plastic smiles
And dubious handshakes
Simmered hatred and feigned pleasantries
The world at its height of deception

All these antics shroud our existence
Requiring that third eye of unraveling
The critically surgical eye
That which permeates the coats of pretense
And lays open the heart for scrutiny

The Spoken Art it is!
That which gives the outward expression
To whatever ails inside
Bugging the heart and
tearing the soul apart
Expressing anger and anxiety
Pleasure and Distaste
Fear and confusion
A trusted confidant it certainly is!

March on trusted soldiers
Proponents of the spoken gospel
Let’s draw this world
Into a thousand and one shapes
And paint the outcomes
In our most sincere colors

Let us make this world exist
Just as we wish for
In our wildest imaginations
For that’s what keeps our souls peaceful
Whether reciting or singing
Whether rapping or free styling
The spoken Art sums it all.

All Hail the Spoken Word!

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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