What has come of Kenyan Men?

My heart is troubled… Very very sad… Over what has come of our African men. The once proud fathers and breadwinners of every single household. The protectors of the families. The embodiment of discipline and role model to the growing toddlers. All these and much more… The fall and Fall of the African male?

When God created man and woman, he created sex for procreation. And mark my words… Man and woman. Not man and man or man and chicken or a goat or cow! Nope! Not at all! Man and woman. A human being and another human being.

What our media reports nowadays is way too insane to even imagine! Maybe am being too Western. Back to Africa, my Religious Studies class tells me that Africans practiced traditional religion. Marriage was a clan affair. Man and woman. The only time animals were involved was in the form of bride wealth or as others prefer to call it, bride price. Never, and definitely nowhere in the culture of African communities was there ever a matrimony between man and a beast. This renders the African Traditional Religion ‘innocent’  of blame.

The current trend of sexual deviance is therefore disturbing as well as alarming! To even imagine such a wayward act with a poor creature unable to rise in comprehensible defense is much more beastly than the beast itself! Where has African socialization faltered to this grave extent? What is happening to our dear ‘notoriously religious’ race? Have the Pastor Pius Muirus’, Bishop Margaret Wanjirus, Apostle Owuors and the Imams and other traditional priests /priestesses changed tact in their teaching towards approaching the profane?

What happened to the fathers and mothers of back then who wielded discipline in their breath and meant it to the letter? What has our dot com generation left behind in the rush to migrate to digitalization?

When a child reports a father for ‘sleeping’ with his favorite ‘kuku’, then, who is the family disciplinarian? Who stands for the ethical values necessary for both the family and the society at large? To worsen the situation, the culprit without shame claiming to having the right to ‘do anything’ he deems fit on the chicken that’s his property…

Or maybe I am biased… Maybe it’s the women who have turned against the male folk… Denying them of their carnal pleasures…No!It holds no weight! I’d rather he sold the chicken to hire a hooker! Otherwise such a man does not deserve of their manhood. Being a man is too hard a responsibility for them to bear!

What is the root cause of this increased deviance? The media? Drunkenness? Drug and Substance abuse? Or the sheer hopelessness in life as is evident in most parts of Kenya?

This debate would rather continue. The society is ailing. Our society is sick. It’s prudent we treat it while it is still early enough.

Ooko Victor

Ookoscope, the way it is!


9 thoughts on “What has come of Kenyan Men?

  1. victor umenena kweli,our people are moving towards westernization forgetting our norms and behaviours.its too shame for african men and women .


  2. What has come of Kenyan men? I say nothing, nothing has come of Kenyan men or the African male for that matter. “The fall and fall of the African male”? -my foot. We love creating crises, and the media continues to feed this love we have. These beastiality stories are neither rampant nor a national crisis, the media is just reporting them a lot more thus creating the impression that a majority men, or women are now having sex with animals. Not to say they shouldn’t be reported, but I must emphasize that you people must stop making it sound like a national disaster because IT IS NOT!

    Society has always had deviant men and women, people who will derive some sort of atrocious pleasure from engaging in sordid acts. These kind of people have always existed and will always exist, we don’t have to condone what they do nor agree with it. But also we mustn’t accept to descend into the arena of their evil by shadow casting all Kenyan men as deviants.

    So stop being manipulated by the media into believing that we are in some sort of crisis.

    These stories may be indicative of some underlying issues with society (eg. rampant drug & alcohol abuse ) but i refuse to believe it as the “Fall and fall of the African male” as is being sold on us.

    There’s lots of awesome, principled men that operate on values and proper instinct. But there’s also a lot of amoral/immoral ones who are not the majority. I trust that they don’t even make up 0.05% of our population, because good always triumphs evil.

    So shall we stop marketing ourselves as a beastiality infested society? these stories are neither unique to central Kenya, nor Kenya as a Country, nor Africa as a Continent. Do a bit of research, you’ll see it’s everywhere. We don’t accept it, approve of it or condone it, but please lets make ourselves impervious to this beastial fervor!!


    • I respect your point of view, however, this text has an objective, an educative one. The approach I chose to give it is catchy and worthy of attention, then digesting. You may have a point, yes, but the subject is out there for scrutiny, for discussion in the public domain. It’s happening, scanty as it may be, we must remind each other of the influences of appearing to condone it. The approach is hypothetical, but the objective remains.


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