Comrades Undoing-The Pearl that is Egerton University.

Morning Comrades… well, it’s morning right now. Maybe it won’t be by the time this post gets to you. It’s value however remains. It’s a call to Comrades to stop and reflect. You heard me right. Maybe I am the first… maybe not… but definitely I won’t be the last.
When Lord Egerton of Tatton, a wealthy son of the British royalty was preparing his will, he thought of no relatives, wife nor children of his own blood to leave his property to. Over 4000 Hectares of land was instead dedicated to give rise to the academic institution that is now Egerton University. The prime Agricultural University South of Sahara. Back then it was strictly rearing male graduates.

Decades later Mama Ngina Kentattas intervention ensured the University incorporated the female students into the University. The robust and beautifully standing Mama Ngina Hostel that also serves as the Headquarters for the Halls Department was constructed to mark that great milestone. This was way beyond the days of social media.

Over the years Egerton University has grown to be a force to reckon with as far as producing graduates well reared in the field of Agriculture, the world over. To date, many students have managed to toil for beautiful and accepted certificates from this University. A majority of those who came in as High School graduates have come out as professionals in their respective fields.

This has been the greatest contribution Egerton University has made in the lives of many comrades. Whether or not we admit to it.

Every University has got its strengths and weaknesses. Egerton University is definitely not an exception. Much however continues to be done to make the 6 months, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years or even 6 years that students take to complete their studies in the University more bearable and academic friendly.

However, the new culture of complaining about anything and everything is slowly becoming the order of the day on Social Media. When floodlights are provided for to enhance visibility and security in the dark, the appreciations are scanty.
When finally, the process of completing stalled buildings to provide more accommodation facilities to  students commence, the tact changes and another complaint sought…

It costs nothing to say thank you. Most of the gains made in making the lives of comrades more bearable ends up undone by the very same students population.

When theaters are constructed to help appreciate the talents of students, we jump on the seats and break almost all within the shortest period possible…

We can still properly use our sanitation facilities to keep them clean and accommodating! The other time when I lived in Tatton Mombasa 60C,I would have fellow members of the block use the toilet and fail to simply flush their waste! Not that there wasn’t any water!

Back in Maringo… Similar antics could still be seen! It beats logic when campus going persons who by all means are the pride of the villages they hail from fail to consider these minute but really necessary basic mannerism skills!

It matters when you consciously leave that tap running in the kitchennette… Or when you leave the coils on overnight after cooking your favorite meal… Or the pile of dirt you leave behind from your cooking preparations in the kitchen…
Common sense may not always be common after all! We however need to grow up from these destructive mentalities and for once embrace our University for what it is! The numerous facilities that can serve us best through us helping to maintain them in the best shape possible. This can only happen if we join hands and stand together against the opponents of progress… Those itchy in the eyes of development… Those petty in their actions and thinking.

Let us stand tall and resurrect the fallen glory of this Pearl that is Egerton University!

Ooko Victor.
Ookoscope, the way it is!


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