Dead and Buried on Social Media.

The 21st century has seen great strides technologically which I must confess is one of the main reasons I am able to post and even share out via this blog. However, this social media frenzy has slowly been blown out of proportion.

The desire of media houses and journos to be the first to break sensitive information to the public domain has been overtaken by the need to carry out comprehensive investigations which is key to every professional journalist before owning up to release such information.

Private individuals are not any better in circulating rumors that have no basis just to remain relevant and appear as well informed before the eyes of their peers. The rumours of course started from the west with allegations of the deaths of singers T. I, Akon, Rihanna and even Lil Wayne… The discussions about their staged demise and subsequent messages of condolences was so unethical and inhuman.

This trend has slowly found its way into Africa with the media pronouncing the first Black African president of South Africa and a reverred public icon, Hon Nelson Mandela as dead only for him to be discharged from hospital the following day! Then followed the deterioration in the health of politician, Njenga Karume whom even known media houses pronounced dead while he was still struggling to save his life at a Nairobi hospital!

The top investigative journalist in Kenya Mr Mohammed Ali in a previous expose on the events that led to the death of former Minister for Internal Security and MP for Kajiado North the Late Prof George Saitoti stated how he was pronounced dead on propaganda released by the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS), the Kenyan spy Agency in their attempts to shift public attention from his career shattering expose.

The latest ‘death’  on Social Media was yesternights ‘death’  of Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, the Senator for Kisumu County. It is not only illegal but also sadistic and outrightly inhuman for one to verbally ‘kill’ another and especially if the information is False!

It is not African and this further raises concerns over the erosion of African Morality to the extent that the doers don’t feel any pinch of guilt!

Does Social Media need controls? Maybe it’s time we revisited  that topic again…

Ooko Victor-@VictorMkubwa

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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