Greed or Credibility?

Hello fellow Kenyans… It has been long since I last posted my sentiments on the past political developments… which apparently are not leaving us anytime soon.

The last time I was here we had just lost Hon Mutula Kilonzo, the Senator for Makueni County. I won’t be dwelling so much on that issue on this blog Post. Not at all. My attention is to the living politicians. Those who are alive, eating and kicking and still not getting it right. Those taking us Kenyans for granted. Setting up commissions and disbanding them for doing their jobs right. Those who have eaten from public coffers and perfected the art to even think it as their birthright! And those fresh into elective politics and clearly yearning to fill their tummies (if at all they have tummies) with the hard earned toils of the surviving Kenyan majority.

Since the opening of the national as well as the county parliaments, these ungrateful brothers and sisters of ours have stagnated on discussions about their salaries and picking up petty fights in the name of ‘credibility’!

While floods are sweeping away Kenyans and Insecurity troubling the Western region of Kenya,and specifically Busia and Bungoma Counties, our ‘patriotic’ representatives still find time to push and pull at each others collars in the name of seeking ‘credibility’  on matters that would otherwise be solved on the basis of consensus and allow for the nation to build a stable momentum from the general elections mood.

Politics has of late found its way into the English and in some cases the Swahili dictionaries. In choosing leaders we ended up choosing dictionary reviewers and critics of everything presented before them. The victim and scapegoat for all these being innocent words whose meanings are rendered ambiguous to suit the rival coalitions.

The House business committees meant to play the oversight role to the Cabinet has got clear rules on their formation and the MPs should not take Kenyans for fools! The political coalitions of CORD & JUBILEE have held the nation at ransom for so long with their political arm twisting. It’s time we resumed our journey to Canaan which I must say is the prayer of every struggling Kenyan. Every survivor, Every sufferer, Every hustler.

My optimism in the Jubilee government remains … the doubts also slowly gaining force… Mr President is away on official duty. Over to you Mr Deputy President…

Ooko Victor-@VictorMkubwa

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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