Post Election Deaths – The Mutula Puzzle.

My keen observation since 2002 tells me that each of the general elections since the Rainbow era is soon after followed by a mysterious death of a particular political icon. The deaths of Hon Kipkalya Kones and crew;Mellitus Mugabe Were;Esther Laboso just to mention but a few should not be taken for granted.

The fact that most of these deaths had all the indications of an assassination makes their comprehension even more complicated. And just when we thought that the haunting ghosts of political deaths were done with us, the first Senator for Makueni County, Hon Mutula Kilonzo passes on, under unclear circumstances!

In Mutula there was more than a politician. He was a father. A proud father of excellent legal professionals. He was an educationist as is evident in his investment in his children. He was an advocate of justice and equality. Sworn to uphold justice and the rule of law. The same aspects that appear to have eluded him in the lead to his untimely death.

Kenya has really come of age my hope is that the enemies of democracy would face their rightful fate. The Spy Agency really need to get to the bottom of this puzzling death. The residents of Makueni County just like all Kenyans deserve answers. The truth shall settle doubts.

Meanwhile, my prayer even as the government pathologist embarks on finding the cause of death, is that it is not a politically motivated death. God gives life and only HE can take it. The Divine commandments discourages murder .

For now, as the death of the former Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan, Justice and Constitutional Affairs and until recently, Minister for Education lay lifeless for private and government pathologists alike, the wait continues. Fingers crossed.

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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