Scapegoat Identified – My Impending Fate.

Friday, 9th of November 2012 remains one of the most important days in my life for the slightly over two decades that I have successfully completed on this world of bittersweet moments.

The days that preceeded this day involved investing so much time and money on intensive campaigns in my quest to successfully contest the seat of the Secretary General of the Student’s Union of Egerton University. Much remains untold of the sleepless nights myself and others spent in trying to prevent unfair competition and especially as a result of defamation;a common political phenomenon. The running battles in the thick of the night with alliances shifting according to one’s perception of where the numbers lay. All this came to an end on November 9th when the majority had their way.

The recent SUEU led peaceful demonstration managed to achieve two contrasting objectives. Whether intended or as spill overs. First was the fact that it served as an eye opener for both the Students and the University management. The message being that the Department of Student Welfare Services was not doing enough to make bearable the lives of the students population in campus, ranging from Insufficient or total lack of water supply, to issues on Insecurity and Inadequate facilities to avail sound health services to the paying clients, the students.

Yet despite all this, the back seems to be stopping with one man. He who is claimed to have drafted and publicized the demo permit. He who is said to have effectively stirred emotions in his incitement of students.He who is said to have involved the media in matters sensitive and not to be released to the public. He who is said to have led the members of a particular tribe to rally behind him due to the prevailing electoral petition at the Supreme Court. He who is said to have no political godfathers to back him up in cases of the worst outcome.

Part of these considerations may be true. However, the peaceful demonstration was not a tribal affair. They scored below par at that. It was an outburst of the internal pressure inside the hearts of each and every Comrade for not getting value for their University Fees. I do not blame my colleague and member of the SUEU Executive Committee who betrayed me when threatened with deregistration. Rather, let him know that I would never do the same unto him after all we have gone through together . To the students specially trained to collect intelligence keep up the good work! There is no difference between you and spies. Only that yours is is worse;accepting to be used to sabotage fellow comrades.

I hold with pride, every decision I have made to the benefit of the Student’s Union. I am okay with the impending decision of the University Management. In spite of the decision at hand, my hope is that the plight of my fellow students shall at all times be given the priority it deserves. It is only then that the management shall rise above petty witch hunt and address effectively, the real problems that make it difficult for Students to give their all in the pursuit of good grades.

The Senate meets soon, at the moment the wait continues…

Ooko Victor – Secretary General, Students Union of Egerton University.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


6 thoughts on “Scapegoat Identified – My Impending Fate.

  1. Hey,Bwana mkubwa, i know that you have done MUCH to ensure that the welfare of the students is given a priority, not to mention other things that you have fought for the benefit of the students and the entire Egerton fraternity,I understand what you have been through to ensure some of the thing that are now at place, becomes realistic. What do i have for you gentleman,only a word of thanks!May God reward the works of your hands.


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