Why Mr Okuta’s funeral gave Kenyans a Second Chance.

The death of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General was indeed a big blow to the Kenyan family who very well know how instrumental he has been in ensuring better working conditions to the teachers, both employed and aspiring.

The burial of this great icon also provided a fair ground for strengthening the call for Unity, Peace and Love by the former political arch rivals and presidential elections frontrunners Hon. Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta. The two statesmen embraced a show of maturity and national brotherhood at the close watch of the formerly politically charged residents of Nyando, Kisumu County, the backyard of the former Premier and presidential election frontrunner, according to the then opinion polls.

The two exchanged light moments and exhibited very good body language. They even referred to each other as brothers albeit to easen the tension that has been implied either verbally or physically by their supporters. They reiterated the need for the nation to move on and work towards the realization of national development.

These two politicians invested so much in their campaigns against each other. And even after the heated campaigns, they still had to battle it out in court! To still see them speak the same language of peace and Unity is a political sacrifice for the sake of our nation. The sign of political maturity and respect for democracy. My former Member of Parliament the Late Prof George Saitoti once said that, “There comes a time when the nation is more important than an individual…” This is that time and the supporters of Uhuru and Raila need to realize that. The character assassination and spread of hate messages on social media is uncalled for. The originators of Facebook and Twitter had noble intentions that are continually being abused to the extent of felling hate crimes and perpetuating tribalism!

The County Reps, MPs, Women Reps, Governors and Senators across the political divide continue with their lives as usual. They contested against each other and even represented rival factions. However, they have moved on! And it’s time voters did that too .

As Mr Okuta is laid to rest, Kenyans have been given another opportunity to put aside their political differences and forge ahead for their sakes and for the sake of this great nation, Kenya.

Ooko Victor


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