Are University Dons Insecure?

The human intellect should be determined not by how much one has amassed academically, but according to one’s rationality against their their age and academic qualifications as the last requirement. I ain’t sure myself, whether or not am making sense. Or whether you choose not to comprehend my brain’s outlay. But my reason for all this jabbering, and attempted redefinition of the term intellect lies with the supposed ‘fathers of knowledge’, the Professors.
Maybe you share in my perspective or let’s say am just being bluntly ‘biased’ and living in constant defiance. I would not defend myself if that was the case ;rather I will as I always have, opt for this media to share my disapproval.

I recently had a chat with a lecturer friend of mine who just the other day got her Masters degree from Cambridge University, though I will not mention the discipline for confidentiality purposes. She barely attended theses defenses when invited though on this day she just felt like attending this specific one at the Faculty of Agriculture, Egerton University. According to her narration the presentation was impeccable! The student had adequately prepared his defense and deserved to be cleared for graduation. However, immediately after his presentation the input he had invested in the project lay on the balance. Not because of a poor research or anything close to that. Not at all. The surprisingly ‘angry’ (not that I think their anger was justified) Dons embarked on an irrelevant scathing attack on the dressing of the young scholar! Believe me you, with no questions related to the research, the University dons demanded to know why the young man had not put on a suit when speaking before ‘Professors’! Not that they looked decent in their own attires (you and me clearly know how badly some of them dress)… The fact that they dared question fashion is sarcastic in itself! The young man fell speechless with apologies pouring out of his lips in an attempt to salvage his research…

Back to my earlier plot. What ails our African Professors? The days are long gone when fear used to mean respect. The reasons why we still have young scholars with intentions of rising to the level of Professors is because human Labour is not eternal. It is variant with human life and the factors that influence it. Our dear professors need not be insecure at all! We are not challenging them. Rather we are looking for better ways of making human life more bearable in this rather hostile world. Martin Luther King Jr, who most of these professors revere actually mentioned the content of the character as the most vital tool for judging every human being across nations and races and across all level of societal stratifications.

I applaud the lecturers who are keen on making the students understanding of the curriculum as simple as possible;and in the same breathe point out to those who enjoy complicating the lives of young scholars to style up! A well deserved grade raises no queries. If you give me a well deserved D then I should have no reason to question that. However if I copy paste work in which I was controversially awarded a C and end up with a grade A then ‘logic becomes not so logical’…

Back to my earlier story… the student was awarded full marks at the intervention of this Lecturer friend of mine. In fact, she vowed to try attending as many theses defenses as possible when invited at least to ensure academic justice prevail in boardrooms.

The guy was lucky and will graduate this coming May. However, what of those who have been unlucky to have fallen into the hands of such unprofessional University dons?

Worse still, the situation has generated to a tribal affair in other campuses as influenced by the National politics or even rivalries between the supervisors themselves who also serve as supervisors for the masters students and instead of challenging the defenses, are bent on shooting down the work of their rival colleagues! With this trend am afraid that University Education may lose its intended purpose and result into producing even more corrupt and unscrupulous personalities.

Thumbs up to the dons who live up to their calling as teachers in institutions of Higher Learning. We may not repay your good work… however, the lives we seek to touch will be with the knowledge you passed down to us . Such blessings will always be with you…

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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