The Habitual Sacrament-A Recollection.

Today another Sunday dawns… and Christians throng the churches with those in Africa accommodating the majority.

Prof J. S Mbiti, a renowned scholar of African Religion termed this religiosity as ‘notorious’ which according to the English dictionary implies ‘something that is well known especially for bad reasons’… Whether or not his sentiments hold water is an individual bone of contention.

I may not be a deeply religious person as many are but definitely I’d rather I stuck to that truth than dwell in the face value pretense to suit a few. I am a student of Sociology and Religious Studies so a stunt or two of this nature is to be expected. I go to the Catholic Church. Born and brought up in a Catholic family… baptised and confirmed by the Ngong Diocese former Bishop Collin Davies so I am basing this on first hand knowledge.

The Sacrament is an outward expression of instituted by Christ to give grace. Well… that is just but the definition the practicality of it is left to the individual. The you and me who are ‘clean’ in the eyes of the public. Who can walk to church every Sunday and on every other day that mass is celebrated. The self satisfaction it brings to always walk heads up feeling so righteous about oneself… the pleasure it brings to adorn in blanket safety and personal fulfilment of having to receive the Eucharist and bow down before every holy altar. But deep inside the real me and you know just how empty it feels. How routine it seems. Surely we can lie to everyone but to ourselves. Receiving the body and blood of Christ should be accorded the respect it deserves…

I am not a judge of right and wrong . That responsibility is for the supernatural. The Divine. Mine is to write about every observation. Every hunch and challenge you to think. To see only through my very own eyes…
(dozes off…)

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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