The Jubilee Dawn-April 9th, 2013.

Today marks the end of an era in Kenyan politics and the beginning of another. Indeed President Mwai Kibaki is leaving behind a legacy of development and increased freedom of the media.

From free basic to secondary education, through to the Thika superhighway a living reminder of some of the major projects successfully completed to mention a few.

Kibaki strikes many as a very secretive individual who mostly kept his key decisions to himself leaving most guessing or even lobbying for his influence which in most cases wasn’t forthcoming. So unpredictable he has been that even his coalition partner Hon . Raila Odinga found himself sidelined and constantly calling for extensive ‘consultations’.

An example of his unpredictably was the appointment of his third competitor in the presidential election as his deputy immediately after the bungled 2007 presidential elections.
Kibaki is leaving behind shoes too large to fill for his godson and successor, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and his able Deputy Hon. William Ruto.

Today as the inauguration materialises, the challenges of the previous government are handed down to the Jubilee duo. The nation is divided and the confidence in the incoming government at average. Ethnic hate is on the rise from supporters who refuse to let go. The nation needs healing. The symbol of the Dove that has been so conspicuous as the Jubilee symbol should be felt. Peace needs to reign and I expect that to be reiterated in the maiden speech by both Kenyatta and Ruto.

Today paves way for the Jubilee journey. The swearing in marking the oath for the protection and upholding of the Kenyan Constitution. The commitment to serve all Kenyans fairly without fear, favour or ill will. The promise to keep the campaign promises to the public. The realisation of most, if not all the noble intentions as enshrined in the coalition manifesto.

The ICC nightmare is with us. The humiliation of seeing our head of State and his deputy on the ‘accused’  stand apparently inevitable. The IDP’s need justice and better still resettlement as well as provision for their basic needs. This justice will be achieved not upon convicting the remaining 3 suspects, but through the commitment of the incoming government to the ICC process.

The Cabinet Secretaries is another headache and crucial litmus for Kenyatta and his deputy. The baggage that is Hon Ngilu and Balala and other fallen political cronies and the decision on where to place them without dividing the house, another head scratcher! So is the balancing of these portfolios to attain regional recognition.

However, all these calls are not mine to make. Rather, it is for the democratic president of the Republic at the supervision of the Legislature. Mine is to wish Hon. Kibaki a happy retirement in Othaya or if he prefers his Muthaiga residence, well and good!

To the President Elect and his deputy, Justice be your Shield and Defender.

(Tunes in to NTV Kenya).
Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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