Museveni vs Mini skirts

It now official! Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, President Museveni has spoken yet again! From picking petty fights for supremacy with his closest rival Kize Besigye(ain’t certain of the spelling) along the streets of Kampala, to a different kind of battle altogether!

This time round, the, ‘You want Another Rap’ hit maker and longest serving President of this landlocked nation is now raising tantrums against the female population in Uganda. The objective, waging a war against Mini skirts! You heard me right. The Ugandan Legislature has passed a bill banning ladies from adorning in skirts of lengths ending above the knee!

I hope Hon. Mutula Kilonzo is reading this. The last time he tried to prevail against the dressing of high school girls like ‘nuns’, he attracted attention both positive and negative depending on the interested parties. That can only happen in Kenya, where freedom means freedom.Hon Besigye is a living example of what it means to brush this former army chief the wrong way . I therefore expect this law to come into force with minimal opposition.

The question however is, does the state really need to get involved with minor issues like the dressing code to the extent of legislating its regulation? The Mini skirts in Uganda have been attributed to the increased accidents by motorists. There is the Swahili saying that goes, ‘Macho hayana pazia’ (Eyes don’t have curtains), and since the affected seem to be the male gender… the issue is bound to raise even more questions!

Sex starts from the mind. If the mentality is diverted then the motivation is cut off. The excitement contained. Was this really an issue of national scrutiny? What are the women’s say on this imminent Law? Is this a source of alarm on the state’s infringement on the right of the woman?

My take is that Uganda needs to transform with the changing society. Mini skirts are not a sign of immorality if immorality is not primary in the thinking of the ‘judge’. African morality should not be used as a tool to further male chauvinism! Men should learn to keep their assets in their pants!

Kenyan men apparently, are doing better in it. It’s time our immediate neighbours caught up with modernity. Today it is the Mini skirts, tomorrow…

May the ladies speak now or forever remain silent!

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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