The President is right.

When Uhuru Kenyatta decided that he would have his wife hold the Bible with him as he takes his oath of Office, to be honest I admired his liberal thoughts. The institution of marriage has for long been the back seat passenger when a spouse ascends to a position of leadership. The Kenyan president elect however has began on the right foot there and he ought to be given credit as opposed to the negative energy most critics are exuding over this noble gesture.

Margaret Muigai married Uhuru Kenyatta the son of Kenya’s first president. Whether or not she foresaw a future as Kenya’s first lady is another matter that ought to be sorted out with the gods of probability, if at all they exist! What I know, from the memorized Catholic teachings on marriage (I will save the details for the priests) is that when man and woman are United in the presence of the Lord, then they swear to keep it stitched up, for better for worse. Let’s just say this was for better. And one way or the other, I see no harm when an incoming president decides to uplift the family values in a country grappling with increased activism for the recognition of gay marriages, an aspect that completely overlooks the African morality and definition of marriage.

Change is difficult to embrace. The old order on the other hand provides convenience and admonishes the desire for transformation into the brackets of wishful thinking for fear of a verbal and printed lashing by the pessimistic public opinion holders. The United States got over it and saw President Obama reciprocate the same on his swearing in for the Second term in Office,it is time Kenya did the same.

Behind every successful man is a woman… or so the saying goes. Maybe it’s time this woman stepped into the limelight and provided the very much needed female pieces of advice the Head of State requires, and that his male deputy may not articulate best.

Kenya has a first family. It’s time we swallowed our reservations and allowed for such positive and indeed defining precedents into the history of our growing Republic, if the Law so allows.

God Bless Kenya.

Ooko Victor.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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