Inauguration Ceremony for Sale!!!

“Kenyans may not get to watch Uhuru Inauguration Live as Committee awards private DJ exclusive broadcast rights. TV stations asked to pick inauguration signal from private contractor”  NTV Kenya Facebook Page at 1139hrs on Friday, 5th April 2013.

However much this may sound ‘okay’  to most of us, well… It ain’t with me. First, All Kenyans have the right to information as enshrined in Cap 4 Article 33(1)(a)that explains it as the freedom to seek, receive or impart information or ideas. This on the other hand is not just any information. It is the swearing in of the ‘Duly elected president of the Republic of Kenya!!’ going by the Supreme Court’s verdict. And since not all Kenyans will make it to the Moi Sports Centre, Kasarani for the ceremony, it is only prudent that the whole world witnesses this historical event through the media, both local and international.

Let me remind his excellency that no ‘committee’ elected him. Rather, it was the effort of the 6.3 million Kenyans who woke up and braved the cold of the chilly morning throughout the sunny and in other areas rainy weather conditions in the afternoon through to the evening and even the dark of the night in some areas on the 4th of March, 2013. This should not be taken lightly.

Awarding a ‘private DJ’ eclusive rights amounts to awarding ‘cronies’ or ‘political loyalties’ that is not my primary interest at this time. Kenyans elected you in broad daylight and it was live on Kenyan television screens. IEBC did it without much controversy and so was the tallying process through which the various political analyses helped shape out the expectations from the unpredictable figures on the screens.

Inauguration just like voting is a national exercise and that’s why the outgoing government declared it a public holiday. Kenyans everywhere whether or not they voted your way need this live broadcast. Denying them this will be equivalent to biting the hand that feeds you. Only that you will have bit it earlier and painted yourself as a ‘greedy’ government. I believe that justice to all Kenyans shall prevail. And that media shall be treated equally. Above all,someone needs to pluck that ‘For SALE’ notice from this ceremony of national significance!

Ooko Victor – Secretary General, Students Union of Egerton University.

Ookoscope, the way it is!


5 thoughts on “Inauguration Ceremony for Sale!!!

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  2. But i think even in the Kibaki era signals were being awarded to a single entity i.e KBC. But also this guys mayb afraid thatvBaba’s skipe of the event may eat into the attentance. Its like forcing those Kenyans who want to see this live into Kasarani


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