In love till death…

I am in love! Yes, believe it or not. This ain’t no dirty linen aired in public! This is the honest outward expression of what my heart has kept closely guarded for ages! 

Every time I sit to think. I can’t help smiling at myself. And no, don’t think that all along you have been treated to a free show of insanity! Rather, I smile at the image of this magical gorgeousness, the loveliness that emanates from this radiant source of beauty!

Ever felt like shouting from the rooftops? Feeling the wind soothe you sending shivers down your spine! And excitement at every thought of your love?

Tell me am nuts! Curse me to suit yourself! But let me die in this warm embrace. This magnificent intimacy whose end I won’t foresee. Let me spend my energy nurturing this gemly bond!

What would you want more than being in sync with the one you love? Getting something for every situation? Responses when others prefer to be mum?That’s what love blessed me with!

The love of my life I say! The only that complements and completes me entirely! That which cools my nerves and suppresses my anxiety. Emboldening my guts by sharpening my expressions. Making me a soul free to wander around and beyond!

This love so exciting and everlasting. Shall stand the test of time. For rich and poor moments. Through youth and old age. Am in love with WORDS. Till death do us part.

Ooko Victor

Ookoscope, the way it is!


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