Wake Up Call to all ye sleeping Kenyans!

Kenyans are still a long way from achieving individual salvation or rather independence from the ethnic colonialism that seems to have effectively cut us off from the rest of the developed World.

That countries like North Korea were once our economic equals is just but a marvel and to some, the wishful thinking of the technocrats who so much want to pull up the lazy and least contributors to National Development. Vision 2030 continues to be a mirage and especially with many more political contests and muscle flexing yet to be fought. The disputed 2007 presidential elections that almost threw this nation’s economy to where Zimbabwe is today ought to have been a major lesson and constant reminder of the importance of the three Kenyan pillars of nationalism ;Peace, Love and Unity as coined by the very fathers who snatched this country at the heavy price of their blood from the greedy and indeed selfish colonial masters. A war that was fought in battlefields and boardrooms alike. The intention set to cut across the entire country, across villages and towns. From Mission Centres to Detention camps. The making of a Republic. The Republic of Kenya.

Elections come and go. Political sideshows and arm twisting. And opportunities for Kenyans to prove the lessons history have taught them. The 2013 elections were arguably the most complex, most contested and most scrutinized of all Elections in the history of our nation. The constitutional breakthrough that led to this historic election was an indication of the desperation to make things right for the wellbeing of the country and its citizens. The frontrunners in the presidential election depicting a historical battle of the rival families whose initiators united to see this nation delivered from the hands of colonial bondage. And in a deeper sense, it was a battle of wits and ideologies. The intention of either parties being to further Kenya’s development agenda and eradication of the 3 notorious national development inhibitors;Poverty, Ignorance and Disease as articulated by the founding president of this great Republic. These very issues continue to trouble our growing economy to date.

Indeed March 4th, 2013 marked the rewriting of history with every Kenyan bearing witness, the maturity of every Kenyan voter who took to the queue to exercise his/her democratic obligation, and all candidates who were not satisfied with the results opted for the courts, with the epitome of it being the Presidential petition at the Supreme Court of Kenya. This was another indication of confidence in our locally developed mechanisms for upholding justice and fairness, and a complete turnaround from the events that led to the wanton destruction of our national and individual gains as was witnessed after the 2007 exercise.

The court process is now over. The results upheld. And most importantly, both parties to the court process accepting the verdict. This clearly underlines the supremacy of the Kenyan law which was democratically settled on by the very citizens who participated in the election exercise.

Either way, Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga are great leaders. Raila Odinga has been described as an enigma. He has fought hard for the rights that most of us now take for granted. He has redeemed Kenya from the shadows of Neocolonialism that were the ruling pillars of discriminatory leadership. We can not take that away from him.

Uhuru on the other hand being the son of the founding president is first an equal Kenyan. He did not choose to be born a president’s son and neither did he choose to be born a Kikuyu. He has been the MP Gatundu Constituency for three consecutive terms. He has served as the Minister for Local Government and Minister for Finance on two separate occasions. He has also deputised Odinga in the current government. Really, he can’t be that bad! We need not fear his leadership to make it so unimaginable! Things may not always go our way, but as Kenyans in a democratic nation we need to let the majority have their way as the minority have their say! 43% of 11million voters is no small population. I expect president Muigai knows that clearly!

There is need for us to pull together. To embrace each other. Elections are over, and our lives should not stagnate on March 4th. There is no loser. Everyone is victorious in their own way. Time is flying fast. Kenya needs to keep up. Only you and me can make that happen.

Ooko Victor – Secretary General, Students Union of Egerton University.


2 thoughts on “Wake Up Call to all ye sleeping Kenyans!

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