The divinely reminder

Yesterday was Thursday, the day Christians the world over believe that the originator of their faith was condemned to death on the cross, by the very flock he was sent to redeem. The day that the foretold tag of ‘saviour’ would come to pass from the willingness of this selfless son of the Most High to commit to suffering and beastly treatment from you and me, ironically for our sakes. And as today dawned, the good Friday, he succumbed and died for the same you and me. He covered our assess. A fact many prefer to assume, or fail to realize at all.

Yet on every calendar year, a day like this comes and goes. With festivities and merry making taking center stage. While the suffering exhibited by the undying passion of Christ is condemned to the periphery. A case of same old biblical story? I don’t think so, rather it is the clearest insight into the true nature of Man.

The main role of religiosity is to regulate societal morals for peaceful and humane coexistence. And Easter holidays a constant reminder that someone gave a damn and hence we should too! However choice is not imposed in this case. It is an individual call. Live your life. Make your choices. But keep in mind that someone gave up life on a tree for you to have all that. And the least you can do is to acknowledge that. And to uphold the ideals that led to His demise on a day like today.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, it is not business as usual. Christ is in our midst, not in person, but in the values he chose to imprint in our hearts. That we may keep going the little things that makes us a family, a community, a society, a nation and better still, humanity. The strengths to overcome the weaknesses. Values for vices. We, for I. And even as He resurrects tonight, may His conquest be a constant reminder of the extent His LOVE for you and me was willing to realise.

Happy Easter great people!

Ooko Victor.


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