My Confession…

Being a student leader may have everything to do with popularity, but not when it comes to to the difficult decisions. When you have to suspend your being a student, albeit for a short while, to effectively deliver as a leader. Where the scope of your leadership outpours your constitutionally provided mandate, to that of protecting the interests embedded in the national legal blueprint.

A case in point is whenever the need arises for Comrades to exercise their freedom of expression. Either because of a social pinch here or a welfare blow there. Either way, you have to call the shots. And the intention must not be blurred. It must be clear and consistent. It must be upright and acceptable within the boundaries of social justice and public opinion. And even though the decision making time frame may not be ample. The wording must reflect authority, courage and commitment to the course.

These are some of the challenges I have to grapple with everyday in both my public and private life. The fear of making the wrong decision. The constant reminder of whom my services really should benefit. And the glaring limitations occasioned by hard line stands taken by some rather retrogressive and old fashioned administrators. However, my constant hope has been in the inevitability of an idea whose time has come. I guess that’s why I am in office. Thank you Egerton University Comrades. You have nurtured my thinking. You have taught me great lessons. You have made me grow.

Ooko Victor – Sec Gen.


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